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How to Choose a Heating and Cooling System Professional

Whole house air conditioning systems are a major investment, and the choices you make today will be with you for the next fifteen to twenty five years. It pays to spend a little time now to ensure you choose the best air conditioning installation service. HVAC professionals come in all shapes and sizes, from large companies with hundreds of employees to small, mom and pop shops.

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, bigger may not always be better. Sometimes the big shops just don’t have the time to service their customers on as personal a level as a smaller company can. At the same time, just because a company can service their customers personally doesn’t mean they are the best choice. There are four primary questions to ask any HVAC contractor, and their answers to these questions can help you choose the right professional for your new air conditioner.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

As the old adage goes, experience counts. This does not mean that a new HVAC contractor can’t provide you with a quality installation or a competitive price. In fact, a newcomer may be able to do your job just as well as a more experienced HVAC professional installer, for a lot less money. The question then becomes, how long will the newcomer be in business?

You can only undercut your competition for so long before you drive yourself out of business – this is simply a fact of business. Whereas an HVAC professional who has been installing systems for many years, is more likely to still be in business many years into the future.

It comes down to a matter of comfort. In most cases you’re safer if you err on the side of caution and work with experienced air conditioning installers.

Are Their Prices Competitive?

Saving a few hundred dollars is always a good thing, but it’s very important to keep in mind that competitive does not mean the same thing as cheap. A competitive price is one that is in the same ballpark as other professionals offering similar systems. An air conditioning installer coming in much lower or much higher than the competition should throw up red flags for you, the consumer.

It goes without saying that a price that is much higher than the competition probably indicates a company trying to overcharge their customers. However, a price much lower than the competition could point to other problems. As with most products and services there is a minimum price a vendor can consistently sell an item and remain in business. Too low of a price could point to a shoddy installation job or worse.

What Do Past Customers Think?

While any air conditioning service will likely have a set of references on hand, it’s also very conceivable that this list is made up entirely of satisfied customers – no company is going to provide a list of references from customers who were upset at their services. Of course, the supplied references are a good place to start, the savvy consumer will also check for online reviews of the HVAC professional they are considering using. An overwhelming number of bad online reviews, may negate any positive references.

Are They Available After the Sale?

Even brand new air conditioning systems occasionally have problems, and as hard as anyone tries no one is perfect – mistakes happen, machines break and need to be fixed. Will your chosen HVAC professional be there for any air conditioning repair work that may be required after the sale? While it’s impossible to predict the future, the answers to the previous three questions can go a long way to answering this one. An HVAC professional who has been in business for a number of years, is competitively priced, and has many more positive reviews than negative is very likely to be there when you need them.

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Keeping You Cool

The weather in Florida can get hot, that’s for sure.  Installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit will help keep you cool when it’s steamy outside.

Warm Things Up

In the winter, the weather in Florida can get chilly.  Having an air conditioning system that also provides heat will keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Energy Efficient

Often, replacing an aging air conditioning unit with an energy efficient model will both keep your home or business cooler and save you money.

Questions Answered

It’s natural to have questions about your air conditioning system installation.  Write them down and keep lines of communication open with your installer.

Keeping Cool when it’s Hot Outside

In Florida, the summer temperatures can become quite hot, and climate control system installed and serviced by an HVAC professional will keep your home or business cool and comfortable. Moreover, having a local air conditioning professional available to service and repair your air conditioning system is a critical part of keeping your system running smoothly for years.

Let’s face it, many times it’s not the heat that is so uncomfortable in the middle of summer in Florida, but the humidity. An air conditioning system that not only cools the home but also removes the moisture from the air will do a better job at making the home or business “feel” cooler. So, when you work with a climate control professional, make sure you discuss all of the options that the air conditioning units have, like supplemental air dehumidifiers. While you should never buy something you’ll never use, being educated to each system’s feature set will help you make an informed decision when it’s time to buy.

When it comes to installation, make sure the air conditioning installer is certified, licensed and has solid referrals from past work. This person will be working in and around your home for several days and it’s important that you are comfortable with their background, certifications and skill set.

Another aspect for consideration is the service professionals ability to maintain the air conditioning system. Consider all of the options including pre-paid service plans that usually involve having a service professional visit your home or business a few times a year to inspect your system and identify any potential problems.

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